Tuesday & Wednesday of Session 6!!

Hey there blog readers!

Yesterday was quite a day for all of us at Timbercrest! Our “Backpack, Pony, & Me” girls who live in Strawberry Hill prepared to leave on their overnight to Pineapple Junction, a campsite with a series of horse trails that is about 2 miles from camp. They most definitely deserve a break this morning as they most likely didn’t sleep much thanks to our series of thunderstorms that we “weathered” between midnight at 5 a.m. this morning. Rain will be intermittent today, but they will spend the day riding around the trails before returning to camp today…when they will clean up the horses (and themselves).

Sunset had a day filled with the trading post, archery, boating, and setting up their tents for their overnight by the lake. They attended all-camp swim, played Mud Gaga (the counselors added water to our Gaga pit which made it a “mud pit”), and then showered before going to their overnight. Today they will make their way to “Dracula’s Tomb,” a series of rocks on a trail while the boating girls sail on Keyser Lake. They will be doing “mud painting,” making a bunch of pictures and sculptures with mud…and capping off their afternoon with a slip & slide…with of course…mud! These Mud Warriors are something else! Later on today, they will play four-square and basketball at our basketball court.

Sprucewood will be making candles in arts & crafts, going on a nature scavenger hunt, spending time on the water, playing games, working with their CITs, and going on a night hike with our nature counselor, Eeyore. Yesterday they had a sleep-in breakfast, trading post time, all-camp swim, boating, made ornaments in arts & crafts, tried to figure out who stole the Golden Timberbuck (our coveted broom that is awarded to the cleanest unit of the day), and cleaned up from their overnight.

We get another group of core campers coming in today so they will be acclimated and helped out by two staff members who will serve as their mentors. They will also play games and participate in our cookout night.

Due to the rain that we received last night/this morning, the lake is closed for swimming until tomorrow, but many of the units will be boating and doing other games today to make up for the lack of swimming–which usually means a crazy time on our slip & slide which is a really really great time for everyone!!

To see the photos of session 6, click here.

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