Sunday & Monday of Session 6!!!

Well hello there, loyal blog readers!

Welcome to our final week of Camp Timbercrest! We have loads of resident campers and core campers with us…making for a very loud dining hall, which I just love! Bigger numbers also make for an amazing campfire experience, which we definitely had last night during our Opening Campfire!

Flickr album has been set up for Session 6, please check it every day!

Sunday is filled with a lot of touring camp, doing teambuilding, learning silly songs, taking swim tests, and having our first dinner together. Our “Galloping Girls” core campers got to jump right onto horses in the afternoon as well. We of course end our long day with an opening campfire, when our staff introduces themselves through skits, and units teach fast songs to everyone. We were graced with an absolutely gorgeous sunset over Keyser Lake, which made for quite a selfie opportunity for many staff members.

Today will be quite the day for our girls in Sunset…they are starting off the day with more teambuilding, a boating experience on Keyser, their first try on our water toy, working in drama, and playing soccer together.

Sprucewood will be making soap in arts & crafts, going boating, participating in all-camp swim and getting ready for their overnight. They of course will be choosing an activity during Campers’ Choice after dinner.

Our horse girls in Strawberry Hill will be spending a lot of time at the barn this morning, getting to know the horses and all of our barn staff. They will have the chance to cool off during all-camp swim in the afternoon, followed up with a turn at archery and working on badge requirements. Arts & crafts will be a good time as well!

We will be updating all week, it’s going to be a great one!



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