Thursday & Friday of Session 5!!!

We have had a (good type) of crazy couple of days out here at Timbercrest! Everyone has been so very busy: riding horses, swimming in Keyser, rehearsing for today’s Friday Follies…the end of the week sneaks up on you sometimes!

Yesterday, our youngest girls in camp (the Brownies in Jackman’s) spent a lot of time at the barn, but also went boating. In the afternoon they of course went swimming but also visited the trading post and worked with Lennon (our drama counselor/unit head) on some cool drama things. I can’t wait to see what they have put together for Friday Follies today, I’ve heard great things! But the best part of their morning was making forts in their lodge, which then they got to eat in for lunch! Myself and some “tourists” from our Girl Scout service centers got to check them out before they were even used–these girls are going to be architects and engineers one day!

Our oldest campers in Hawthorne conquered the water toy in the morning, and our Cupcake Challenge girls had another lesson with our cook, Small World. They spent their afternoon swimming, working in drama, and making bullseyes at our archery range. The girls that weren’t in the Cupcake Challenge spent some time working on nature with our nature counselor, Eeyore. I’m wondering if they visited the 100 Acre Wood with Eeyore. I’m thinking, yes! 😉

Sprucewood (our Juniors) got to work in the barn, go to the trading post, swim in the afternoon, and of course got to try for bullseyes at our archery range as well. They seemed to do a lot of prepping for our weekly dress-up dinner as well…I saw some quite interesting use of our drama department’s costumes on these girls! That’s the kind of spirit that I like to see from our campers–joining in with our counselors to make a meal something special!

I also got the chance to check out our core campers coming back from a trail ride in the morning, and they were so happy to be on the horses!

All of our units will be saying goodbye today, but not before a full day of packing, Friday Follies, lunch, a Counselor Hunt (where girls are led in groups by our CITs) as our all-camp activity, and of course all-camp swim! Our horse girls will make sure they are prepped for their Horse Show at 6 p.m. and our general campers will be make sure their songs are all ready for Parent Program at 7 p.m.

If you’re interested in this week’s Flickr album , please click and check them out!

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