Wednesday 8/3/2016

Happy middle of the week, readers! Woot-woot!!!

Today is definitely a hot one down here in Cattaraugus county! We are staying as cool as possible and drinking as much water as possible while we still have a great time!

Our four new core campers came in today, ready for a couple of days of horseback riding! They have settled into the yurts, had lunch, and will be joining our Brownies in Jackman’s for cookout tonight.

Speaking of our Brownies in Jackman’s, they have spent time at the barn, made nature collages, played games, worked with their puppets in drama, and later today will be slip & sliding away down our little “hill” next to the lodge. They will rinse off while the rest of camp does the Buffalo Swim across the lake. For part of the Puppets, Plays, and Dolls program, they will be watching a movie musical tonight after their cookout!

Hawthorne Grove had a sleep-in breakfast this morning after a successful overnight. They then went for an awesome splash hike in the creek, will be doing the Buffalo Swim this afternoon, and then will be cooking out in the evening. They will be doing awesome stargazing when it’s dark (it really is perfect out here when the skies are clear)…I might join them…it’s my favorite activity!

Sprucewood had a ball at the barn this morning as well as playing on our water toy and doing arts & crafts. They will be setting up their tents this afternoon before the Buffalo Swim, cooking out for dinner, and then having s’mores before their overnight.

We all had to write letters to campers and staff to “get into” lunch today, we call it a Letter Lunch. This encourages everyone to write to somebody at camp, and really brightens the day. I hope that all the campers loved any letters that they received!

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