Tuesday 8/2/2016

Hello there readers!

We have made it to Tuesday…and we are still having a great time and our weather has been beautiful, we are so lucky to be at camp!

Our girls in Sprucewood have gone boating, visited the trading post, and worked on some badges this morning. They will be spending a lot of time in arts & crafts this afternoon after all-camp swim. I’m sure they will go all out for Superhero Lunch as well! The horse girls will spend their lunch with the horses on a trail lunch, which is being a different kind of superhero for sure!

The Brownies in Jackman’s spent their morning on a fun splash hike (I heard they caught a few crayfish), working in drama, visiting the trading post, and going to the barn. This afternoon the whole unit will be making fairy houses as well (I’m sure some of them will come home with a lot of glitter in their belongings) and they will be braving our Strawberry Hill unit for their overnight tonight, but I bet it will be easier when they make s’mores before bed. 🙂

As I type, our Hawthorne/Cupcake Challenge girls are baking away in our kitchen…it is a “Chopped” version, where our cook Small World gives them a chance to take whatever they want and put it in their cupcakes. I just overheard a girl wanting to put molasses in her cupcakes and Small World gently told her, “I think you might lose the competition if you put molasses in your cupcakes.” I would have to agree…molasses cookies? Yes indeed! Molasses cupcakes? I’m not too sure about those…and I have to judge the finished project! They will also go to the trading post, and set up their tents for their overnight tonight!

The core campers leave this afternoon, and they have been busy at the horse barn and introduced us to a hysterical skit at campfire on Sunday…we will miss them when they leave this afternoon…but we hope to see some of them back next year!


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