Monday, Monday! 8/1/2016

Welcome to August, faithful Timbercrest blog readers! 🙂

Though it is a little cloudy this morning, there is something magical about the fog coming across Keyser Lake…a bit spooky, but so cool! Our Polar Bear swimmers (they brave the lake at 7 a.m.) could be seen in the swimming section but the fog on the water made it look colder. I’m sure there will be a photo or two on our Flickr page, we are currently compiling a bunch from yesterday as well as last night’s campfire. I’m sure there will be some silly photos from our Single Utensil Dinner (instead of traditional cutlery, you’re given a spatula/tongs/etc.) that will happen tonight. I wonder if I’ll have to eat my tomato soup with a mixer attachment…hmm…

Our youngest campers in Jackman’s Lodge will be spending time in arts & crafts and taking their swim tests this morning. Then the two programs will split and go to the barn and to drama. They will stick together for the rest of the day, attending all-camp swim, going boating, and making puppets in the evening after Camper’s Choice (a period of time after dinner where staff use their skills to provide programming that campers might not regularly do during the regular camp day…such as Quidditch, self-defense, netball, soccer, even board games).

Our girls in Hawthorne Grove will be the first of the week to slide down our water toy into Keyser Lake. They will then work on some clay creations in arts & crafts, explore nature with our nature counselor, and go boating. Our girls in the Cupcake Challenge will meet our cook “Small World” this afternoon and start planning their week of baking. The whole unit will then do archery, play Gaga, and go to all-camp swim.

Sprucewood is learning about our Be a Friend First program (an anti-bullying program that encourages being friends with one another over anything else), working in drama, and participating in archery this morning. They will be joining the rest of the camp in all-camp swim in the afternoon and then will split their group when the horseback riding girls go to the barn and the rest of the unit goes on a nature splash hike in our creek and plays outside games. At the end of the day, they will come together for a unit campfire and “cabin chat,” where counselors ask them questions and encourage them to open up about themselves to their co-campers. It’s a great way to get to know one another!

Looks like we will only have thunderstorms in the evening…which won’t impede a lot of our activities, most of them can always be moved inside if necessary! Sometimes the weather is a bit unpredictable in our little valley–but we make the best of what happens! Have a great rest of your day!



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