Sunday–Session 5

Hello there readers!

Welcome to Session 5! It has been a pretty rainy day here at Camp Timbercrest. We made it through most of check-in without a downpour, but then the thunderstorms came rumbling in. So, we moved our swim tests to tomorrow, no big deal! Sometimes mud & puddles make camping more fun!

We’ve got quite a good number of campers this week, 16 Brownies are living in Jackman’s Lodge, My Favorite Pony as well as Puppets, Plays & Dolls! We have The Great Cupcake Challenge, Clay Magic, and The Golden Match Club in Hawthorne Grove. Sprucewood is made up of girls in Bridles & Bits (our horse group), Oh The Wonders of Water, and Timbercrest Hunger Games. This week, our CITs are still staying together in a unit but they are separated during the day while they work with their assigned units with the counselor they are shadowing.

Hopefully our campfire goes on without a hitch tonight, but it may be inside due to rain. See you tomorrow!

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