Friday 7/29/2016

Good morning!

Welcome to our last Timbercrest blog for Session 4! Our campers are currently packing up their belongings and preparing for the rest of the day. We will have Friday Follies at 11 a.m., where campers and staff who have been working at drama all week will perform. Sometimes we have some improv between both campers and staff…things can get pretty silly!

I mentioned that Strawberry Hill was doing a slip & slide yesterday (with tarps, water, and soap) and it quickly became an all-camp event! I’m sure I will be getting photos from that event! It was amazing! You’d be surprised how fast you can slide on tarps with soap all over your clothes. I went down three times!

Today after lunch, we will be having a Marshmallow Carnival where campers will compete in traditional carnival games, but will win marshmallows instead of tickets or prizes. At the end, they get to eat the marshmallows!

Last night’s closing campfire was very emotional; there were a lot of tears and a lot of sadness, but that shows how camp can truly change a girl’s life in such a short time. Bonding with their co-campers as well as their staff members can happen very quickly, and will be there for longer than one expects. I have been friends with one of my co-campers for 26 years and counting…you never know!

Have a great weekend, and we hope that your camper talks your ear off on the way home! 🙂

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