Thursday 7/28/2016

Hello to all reading our trusty blog!

I’ve decided to start blogging in the morning, so you have an idea of what we will be doing all day, and then the next day I will also recap along with that day’s schedule. Sound good? Good. 🙂

Today’s schedule has a lot in store for all campers! Our horse girls in Straw Hill will be at the barn in the morning while the rest of the unit works on badges, participates in archery, and then our version of “slip & slide,” which equals a tarp, water, and hand soap. It cleans while the kids have fun! 🙂 The barn girls will join the others near the end of the slip & slide activity. In the afternoon they will participate in all-camp swim and go boating.

Our CITs will be working with our volunteer Pickles (who has been at Timbercrest forever and she knows EVERYTHING) on learning some of the Timbercrest history and traditions that the staff learned at the beginning of the summer. During this time, they will make doughboys (biscuit dough made on a stick over a fire, then filled with all kinds of things–jelly, peanut butter, chocolate, etc.). They will check out the water toy (one of the camp’s favorite activities), do some archery, and visit the trading post today.

Sprucewood will be playing “paint Twister” (where the dots on the Twister board happen to have washable paint on them) this morning, as well as doing archery. In the afternoon while the horse girls are at the barn, the other girls will play Gaga and other games after all-camp swim.

Tonight we will all say goodbye to our campers at our closing campfire. It can be a tear-jerker, as our 2 week campers go home tomorrow. The 2 week session makes for some serious bonding between campers, as well as with the staff. But, we are forever “sisters” when we finish our time at camp…so the memory of that campfire will hold fast for a very long time.

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