Camp Timbercrest Session 5 Monday

Today was a fun day of being in the sun! Tonight we had Campers Choice, where the options were to play games outside, play board games or do arts and crafts for 30 minute intervals.

In the morning, the campers in Hawthorne Grove had fun playing some games before going to swim. After Siesta they did some badgework, went to the trading post, our camp store, and then they played some more games in Bellinger Lodge.

The Campers in “My Backpack, My Pony, and Me” started the day with swimming to the trading post. After siesta they rode for three hours, getting up to a trot!

The Campers in Strawberry Hill started the day with a lesson in leaving no trace followed by a hike. After siesta they started learning the secret code and followed that with swim, arts and crafts.

The campers in Spruce wood started the day with Archery followed with some badge work. After Siesta they had arts and crafts followed by swim and showers.

The campers in Jackman’s Lodge started the day with a nature scavenger hunt and after siesta had swim arts and crafts. For their snack today they made smoothies!

The campers in “Boots and Spurs” started the day in the Barn for 2 hours. After Siesta they had Trading Post followed by swim and showers.

Signed, Skeeter

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