Camp Timbercrest Session 5 Tuesday

Today was Cookout day! The units all got a fun surprise of Camp Timbercrest Chopped Challenge! They were all given random food to make dinner with and have fun coming up with it.

Before that, the campers in Strawberry Hill said hello to some new friends from Piperwood who are getting an experience here at residence camp! They also visited the Trading Post, had fun in Archery, and went swimming. They finished the night with a cookout and a camp out!

In Sprucewood, the campers started their day with Archery and a Hike. These campers in “We’ve Got Spirit”, and they brought that energy with them to Arts and Crafts! The campers made glitter crowns and decorations for our Wonderland theme! The decorations will be used in Bellinger lodge around the dining hall! After a trip to the Trading Post, the campers made quite the splash during swim time; they had a lot of fun jumping off our floating dock into the lake. Our lifeguards kept a close eye out, as always.

The campers in the Boots and Spurs program started their day with off with a trip to visit the horses. After some Tacos-in-a-bag and a nice siesta, the campers made wands in Arts and Crafts and went swimming.

The campers in Jackman’s Lodge started out the day with a nice break to play games and get some of that energy out. In the afternoon they had Swim, made a snack, and then decorated wands in Arts and Crafts. They used string, stickers and markers to decorate fairy wands for our Wonderland theme this week!

The campers in Hawthorne Grove woke up a bit late and had a PJ breakfast followed by some time at the Basketball court with Chalk and playing Four Square. After that they had Archery and an extended Siesta. They had boating before getting ready for their cook out and had a late swim followed by showers and a Kitchen Raid.

My Backpack, My Pony, and Me will be heading out on an overnight trail ride tonight! The campers had a morning swim, then spent all afternoon riding to their camp site and setting up their camp. We’ll hear how it went tomorrow when they ride back!

It was a busy day today and tomorrow will be busy too!

Signed, Skeeter

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