Camp Timbercrest Session 5 Sunday

This morning we said goodbye to our weekend visitors and hello to our week five campers! This week we have “We’ve Got Spirit” in Sprucewood, “Timbercrest at Night” in Hawthorn Grove, “The Great Outdoors” and “Secret Agent Super Sleuths” in Strawberry Hill, “My Favorite Pony” and “Snack-Tastic Things Happen At Camp” in Jackman’s Lodge, and “Boots and Spurs” and “Just My Backpack, My Pony, and Me” in the Yurts. As everyone got checked in and introduced to each other, they played games and after had swim checks to see what their level of swim is. Then we had dinner followed by closing campfire. An exciting day to start the final week of camp!

Signed, Skeeter

For today’s Flickr:

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