Camp Timbercrest Session 3 Thursday

Today was a hot day, but we were able to enjoy none the less. Today staff casted their votes for the “Cupcake Wars”, the staff voted for their favorite based off of designed.

The Trail Trekkers got to have fun with the STEM lady that came to camp, along with all the other programs, followed by Swim this morning. After siesta they had Archery then went on to make history tonight. They are the first campers to spend the night up at the Mary’s, buildings that used to be called the Lean-tos, so tuned for the pictures from that!

“Cupcake Wars” started the day with STEM and then made and decorated cupcakes for the camp to eat and vote on. The winner of the vote got a lovely chefs hat that was embroidered by our Arts and Crafts Councilor.

We’ve Got Spirit started with STEM and Swim. They followed siesta with showers and decorating Bellinger to look like the Hogwarts houses, resulting on a vote from the whole camp on who had the best decorations and Spirit.

The CIT’s had fun throughout the day, having a relaxing day to really do what they wished, including swimming. They ended the night with a hike to the Peninsula and then back to their unit followed by much deserved showers.

Boots and Spurs started the day with STEM that was followed by swim. After siesta they spent the day at the Barn.

Closing campfire was held at the Totem Pole after the silent March from Jackman’s Lodge and to the Totem Pole. This was a welcomed ending to the third week of activities at Camp Timbercrest.

Signed, Skeeter

For todays Flicker:

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