Camp Timbercrest Session 3 Tuesday

Today was a joyful sunny day after two long days of rain. Everyone enjoyed the shade and outside time, preparing for more rain tomorrow. Today was also cook out night!

Strawberry Hill, a unit housing the Trail Trekkers, gained some friends from Camp Piperwood today. They are staying until Thursday afternoon, gaining some experience in the world of residential camp. The Trail Trekkers started the day with a hike, followed by lunch and Siesta, a time for them to relax and recharge. They had showers then Arts and Crafts. They had a dinner of quesadillas, corn on the cob, and Banana Boats.

Sprucewood, the unit home of We’ve Got Spirit and Great Cupcake Wars, started the day with splitting up to make cupcakes and play games to earn points. They had some fun with archery and Arts and Crafts after Siesta. For dinner they had breakfast, quesadillas, and S’mores.

Boots and Spurs spent the majority of the day in the barn and had a trail ride after Siesta. For dinner they had Campfire Pizzas, Corn on the cob, potatoes, and Banana Boats.

The CIT’s spent the day working on their cars for the All-Camp we have planned for Wednesday, but also had CPR training and helped out with the cook outs.

It was a fun Tuesday and we hope to continue the fun through the rest of camp too!

Signed, Skeeter

For todays Flickr:

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