Camp Timbercrest Session 3 Wednesday

Today was another warm and sunny day at Camp Timbercrest. We were able to get in the water and one group was able to have a floating lunch on Keyser Lake, our lake at camp.

The “Cupcake Wars” group went to a Bakery in Jamestown called Full Moon Bakery. They got to decorate a few cupcakes and then camp back in time for our drive in dinner.

We’ve Got Spirit had lots of Arts and Crafts time today to finish up their box cars for dinner tonight and their decorations for tomorrow based off of what group they got put in to.

Trail Trekkers started the day with Nature activities followed by boating and a floating lunch for a fun experience. then they went and spent time finishing their cars and having showers.

Camp Piperwood spent the full day with us today! they started the day with swim followed by Archery. After some cool down time they had a barn tour and showers.

The CIT’s spent the day getting the their boxes done and had some swim time today.

Boots and Spurs had barn in the morning then went to swim and Archery in the afternoon.

For All Camp tonight we watched half of a movie before we sent them up to their units for bed.

Signed, Skeeter

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