Camp Timbercrest Session 2 Monday

Another beautiful day at Camp Timbercrest. The sun was shining and everywhere we looked we saw smiling faces. Todays adventures took us to Challenge Island. Challenge Island, owned and operated by Julie Seitz-Brummer is a local STEAM business. She visited with the campers and allowed them to use their imaginations to create Rollercoasters and so much more! Can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.

It is Amazing Race week, where the campers are learning more about the countries our international staff are from. They are learning so much to help them along the great race for All Camp on Friday. However, we have discovered a missing bandana! We are so lucky our Super Sleuths are on the job, figuring out clues and puzzles to find the Bandana Kaper! Stay tuned!

Today our Cave Dweller’s and River Rascals embarked on an amazing trip! We cannot wait to hear and see all about their experiences. Finally, it was campers choice. Campers were able to explore and enjoy different program opportunities. We had archers, swimmers, horses and creativity in the PC.

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