Camp Timbercrest Session 1 Wednesday

Today was the second day, we gained a few troops for troop camping to continue with us the rest of the week. After dinner we attended all camp. We had many activities for the entire camp to come together, get to know one another and just let our sillies out with minute to win it.

Today was also our first polar bear swim this morning. The girls loved it.

The CITs, which stands for Counselors In Training, got started with training by talking about what they think their role at camp is and what makes a good Counselor. After they discussed this they joined one of the troops to play capture the flag.

Strawberry Hill had arts and crafts for two hours. Then they enjoyed an hour on the waterfront after lunch and a break.

Sprucewood attended an archery session, instructed by myself. They also went boating and swam. Arts and crafts were also a huge hit with these girls for a whopping two hours.

Boots and Spurs had morning barn chores before breakfast. They had a two hour session with the horses before lunch and then were able to enjoy the waterfront and archery.

In arts and crafts they made an unique minion swap.

In the horse programs today, girls were able to tack, ride and learn the general safety of horses.

Signed, Skeeter

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