Camp Timbercrest Wednesday Session 5

Today Timbercrest, the camper in Strawhill (Great Outdoors and Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies) started their morning with an obstacle course. They did this in sunset, which is one of our units. After the course, they had unit time where they split up by program. the Great outdoors program did some badge work with animal recognition, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie group looked at cyphers. After lunch, they still had some unit time. Outdoors campers did animal habitats with the camp director, and the detectives looked at footprints and tried to identify who’s were at the crime scene.


In Sprucewood (Hard Hats and Relaxation), the girls went on an early morning hike after breakfast. They had some unit unit time after the hike, where the hard hats worked on making a new buddy board for our swimming area, and the relaxation girls made face scrubs with honey, lemon, and a few other things. They painted their nails and had some time to relax before lunch. After lunch, they went to boating and used paddleboards and kayaks. Right before dinner, they played a couple rounds of gaga.


The campers in Jackmans did arts and crafts led by the JCITs in the morning. They did some clay leaf impressions with leaves they found outside! They were so cool. After lunch and siesta, they had all camp swim. After swimming, they had the JCITs lead a few more activities with the younger campers. The did finger painting right before dinner.


We had a shipwreck breakfast this morning and everything got crazy in the dining hall! All the plates were unstacked, napkins were everywhere, and some benches even fell over. Everyone had a cookout tonight, and we did it Chopped style. They were given a few random items, and then could grab more food that they needed for their meal. We had some judges go around and base points on cooperation, presentation, cleanup, and a few other categories. Jackmans won! Congrats!

Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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