Camp Timbercrest Thursday Session 5

This morning, the Strawhill girls (Outdoors and Chocolate Chip Cookies) did tie dye right after breakfast and created some amazing pieces. They headed over to archery and before lunch and worked on some of the skills they had learned earlier in the week. After lunch and siesta, some of the girls participated in the buffalo swim. This is where they swim across the whole lake, touch the pole by our campfire pit, and swim all the way back. They played with water balloons and the slip and slide. They hung out and played gaga before dinner.


Sprucewood (Hard Hats and Relaxation) did archery bright and early. they had already learned the rules, so they laced some fun targets up and used those for archery games. After archery, they played gaga and then the JCITS in the group led a group game. After lunch and siesta, some campers did the buffalo swim as well. They had a water balloon fight and used the slip and slide with Strawhill. They played some other games and hung out in the PC while they were waiting for dinner time.


The campers in finger painting and candle making did a scavenger hunt after breakfast around camp. Then, the girls had to make up their own game and they got to play it. After lunch and siesta, some of the girls went swimming. They did candle making in the PC in between lunch and dinner, and then they did glitter painting!


We all had closing campfire tonight. Girls who were at Camp Timbercrest for the first time got a really cool bandana, and some first year staff got recognized. We had a few staff members who have been here for 10 years, and even one for 15 years! The friendship stick was presented by our assistant camp director. It was a great final campfire.


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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