Camp Timbercrest Tuesday Session 5

This morning, the girls in Sprucewood (Hard hats & The Art of Relaxation) started their morning off at archery, and then went over to the big field to play kickball. After a few good rounds, they headed to lunch. We had siesta and all camp swim, and then this group headed to unit time. The Hard Hat girls started making their unit signs. They’re sanding, wood burning, painting, and placing these signs. they had planning time, and then started on the process. The Art of Relaxation girls made home made bath bombs.


In Strawhill (Great Outdoors and Who Stole the Cookies), the campers went on a hike to the Spillway right after breakfast. After the hike they went over to archery to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. They had lunch, siesta, and all camp swim. After that, they played gaga for a while, and then had unit time. For unit time, they learned how to tie knots with Pickles.

Campers in Finger Painting, candle Making, and Glitter did tie-dye in the morning! They came out with so many cool designs. They sat in the dining hall before lunch to learn some boondoggle. After swimming and siesta, they played with chalk on the basketball court, and then spent some time building fairy houses. These are small natural houses made out of things like sticks, leaves, and moss, and are super small. Perfect fairy size.


We all had a drive through lunch, so the kids all ordered at one window and got a bagged lunch at the next! We all sat outside and had a little picnic. For all camp after dinner, we had carnival games! We did things like potato sack races, big parachute games, face painting, and a few more activities.

Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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