Camp Timbercrest Monday Sessions 5

This morning at camp, after breakfast, the Fingerpainters played Gaga in the morning sun. Who Stole the Cookies, and The Great Outdoors played kickball. While they were running bases, the Hard Hats and the Art of Relaxation were exploring new places, heading out on a hike to Willows Bridge. The Fingerpainters also went on a hike after their great Gaga game.

After lunch, all of the units enjoyed a nice long siesta. When siesta was up, everyone headed down to the lake for all camp swim, where they were swim tested, and got to enjoy the water for a little while. Immediately following the swim, the Hard Hats and the Art of Relaxation took the opportunity to go boating, then Kapers and games. Fingerpaiting went to their unit for a sunny story. Whole Stole the Cookies, and the great Outdoors went to the program center to get creative with arts and crafts.

After dinner, the campers all walked down to the horse stables for a human rodeo. The girls got out their energy by running a coarse set up by one of the staff. They all went to bed happily after ever :-).

Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link. GirlScouts WNY | Flickr

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