Camp Timbercrest Wednesday Session 4

Today, the campers in Straw Hill did a lot of tie dye between breakfast and lunch. After lunch, they had all camp swim and siesta. Then, they did arts and crafts where they made bird houses out of sticks. They played gaga for a while, and then they spent time doing their kaper. After everything was finished, they went up to their unit for their cookout dinner.

The Sprucewood girls went to arts in crafts in the morning to make their own bow and arrows. Then they headed to archery. They had made their own posters of zombies, and put them on the targets. This was so that they could practice their skills if zombies took over. After lunch, they did a lot of boating and having fun in the water. Then, they headed up for their cookout.

The JCIT group went boating early in the morning, and then they did a hike to the spillway where they swam for a little bit in the water. After lunch, they had some unit time and then they did dinner crafts.


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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