Camp Timbercrest Tuesday Session 4

Today at camp, the Tie-Dye campers along with the Find The Artist In You campers spent their morning in archery right after breakfast. They were a large group, so half learned archery and shot a few rounds while the others played gaga, and then they switched. They did this until lunch. After lunch, they had siesta and all camp swim. They headed over to arts and crafts were the campers learned how to make boondoggle and perler bead crafts.


The Zombie Survival group and Be Brave and Bold group did arts and crafts right after breakfast, and then they had a game of kickball against the JCITs! After lunch, siesta, and swimming, they went on a zombie scavenger hunt. They had to find all the necessary items that you would need in a zombie apocalypse. This included food, water, fire, first aid, and an antidote. The girls had a lot of fun looking for the items.

After breakfast, the JCITs went on a hike around the lake! They start over by the yurts, and come out by sunset. From there they just have to walk to the lodge. After the hike, they had a kickball tournament with Sprucewood. they went on a floating lunch, where they ate their meals in canoes. After lunch, they had unit time where they played team building games.


We had a mystery dinner where a staff member “died” and we had to figure out how it happened! After dinner, we all played kickball, half against half. It was a great way to get out some energy at the end of the day!

Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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