Camp Timbercrest Monday Session 4

It was a great first full day at Camp Timbercrest! The campers in Strawberry Hill (Tie-Dye and Find The Artist in You) went to the program center after lunch and created mosaics with each other. Right before lunch they had some unit time, where they made their own nature journals. After lunch, there was siesta and swimming, and then they played gaga. After that, they spent some time making ID badges and notebooks for the theme week (Who Did It?).


The girls in Sprucewood (Zombie Survival and Be Brave & Bold) went to archery first thing in the morning. They spend a lot f time learning how to safely shoot. After archery, they went to arts and crafts and made fire starters using cardboard tubes, lint, and wax from melting crayons! Now they’re prepared whenever they need to start a fire. After lunch, siesta, and swim, the group set up their tents in Lakeview for their overnight. They headed over to gaga to play, and then they came inside and played board games until dinner.


The JCIT group did drama right after breakfast, then some volleyball, and then they did archery until lunch. They had lunch, siesta, and swimming, and then they went to boating! Some kayaked and some used paddleboards. They had some unit time right before dinner.


Our dinner was a transportation dinner, so everyone needed to come in some kind of “transportation.” We saw cardboard skateboards, roller-skates, taxis, and even a bus! After dinner we all did a counselor hunt, where they had to search for counselors who were hiding around camp to collect points.

Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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