Camp Timbercrest Thursday Session 4

This morning, all of the units slept in! It was rainy pretty heavy, so everyone stayed inside and played some games, and also some clay. The campers in Straw hill had some unit time where they tried to recreate sounds they heard outside with things inside. After lunch, they had an extended siesta, and then cleaned up the dining hall! then they had some more arts and crafts time.

In Sprucewood, they were playing board games and cup stacking while waiting for the rain to stop and lunch to start. After lunch, they played drama games, painted their faces to become zombies, and then had a zombie dance party. It looked like so much fun.

The JCITs stayed inside during the rain and learned some CPR skills. After lunch, they did more unit time and learned about leadership skills. The did a lot of “what would you do” scenarios.

We had closing campfire tonight, and many campers got first year bandanas. We even had a ten year camper! Tomorrow is our final day of the session.


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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