Camp Timbercrest Wednesday Session 3

Today at Camp Timbercrest was amazing! In the morning, Sprucewood (Pirates and Great outdoors) had planned for archery and gaga, but when the rain hit they stayed inside to play some board games. Before lunch, they spent a good amount of time planning and making their boats for their boat race later in the day. They had a floating lunch where they ate on the water in canoes. After lunch they went to arts and crafts for a little while, and then they finally had their boat launch! They had a great time testing the boats they had made earlier in the day. After that, they headed up to their unit to have their cookout! I also heard the pirates are cooking up a devious plan…


The campers in Ready, Set, Go Camping had their final day today at camp. To end their time here, they started their morning with crafts and then went back to their unit to pack. After lunch, they rested during siesta and did some last-minute crafts until their parents came to pick them up.


The campers in Strawberry Hill (Hard Hats and Cupcakes) were all set to go boating in the morning, but we unfortunately had a small downpour. Possum drew squiggles on pieces of paper and they had to figure out how to turn it into a piece of art. They went down to the program center before lunch and made smoothies from scratch which were delicious! After lunch and siesta, they hiked over to Lakeview where they’re having their campout. Once they set up their tents, they started their cookout. They’re making tacos in a Dutch oven!


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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