Camp Timbercrest Thursday Session 3

Today at camp, the girls in Sprucewood (Pirates and Great Outdoors) cooked breakfast on the Peninsula. They had their overnight there last night, so it was nice to just have breakfast over the fire. They packed up and were back by lunch. After lunch, they got to go swimming on the water toys! They went in groups of 5 and played on all of them. Last night, they came up with a devious plan to kidnap a counselor and demand candy for their safe return. They were just practicing their pirate skills, of course! They ended up with a big bag of candy and happily handed over the counselor.


The campers in Strawberry Hill (Cupcakes and Hard Hats) went to archery right after breakfast. They put paint filled balloons on the target to aim at. It made archery so fun and interesting. They were all super excited for it. After archery, the hard hat campers learned about tools from our grounds keeper and got to practice those skills. During that time, the cupcake campers got to decorate cupcakes for everyone at the camp! After lunch, they played kickball in the field, and did a few arts and crafts activities.


After dinner, we all headed to closing campfire. It’s a great time to reflect on our week together and enjoy the company of new and old friends around a campfire. We gave first year bandanas to a few first year campers. It was a great closing campfire for a fantastic week.


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

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