Camp Timbercrest Tuesday Session 3

Today at Camp Timbercrest, the sprucewood girls did arts and crafts right after breakfast where they all painted their own pirate treasure chests. Then they headed over to boating to get in some canoes. After lunch and siesta, all of the units could participate in the Buffalo Swim where they swim across the whole lake and back! Some girls took part in this tradition. After the buffalo swim, they made boats using cardboard and pool noodles.


The campers in Jackmans did some badge work with playdough this morning after breakfast. After that, they created their very own game. After lunch, they played with chalk on the basketball court and then they did arts and crafts upstairs in the dining hall until dinner.

Strawberry Hill had a cook in breakfast and they even got to sleep in an extra hour. They made omelets in a bag over the fire. After breakfast they went over to archery and some girls shot for their first time ever. After lunch, the Cupcake girls made cupcakes, and the hard hat girls has planning time for what they want to create. Some of the girls also participated in the Buffalo Swim.


We had a market dinner where they had to “buy” their dinner with tickets they earned. For all camp, each unit dressed up one counselor as a superhero or a supervillain. After they planned powers, a name, and an outfit, the two counselors battled it out using their specific powers.


Signed, Jupiter

To view photos from today, click this link:

To view photos from yesterday (7/19/21), click this link:

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