Camp Timbercrest Monday Session 3

Today was a great day at Camp Timbercrest. In Sprucewood (Pirates of Keyser Lake and The Great Outdoors), they started off their morning by doing archery and volleyball. Right before lunch, they worked on some badgework where they dehydrated fruits! After lunch, they went down to the program center for some arts and crafts. Then, they hiked to the peninsula to set up tents for their campout on Tuesday.

The campers in Ready, Set, Go Camping did some crafts right after breakfast, and then they did a scavenger hunt around camp! Right before lunch they practiced how to do flag because they’re up in a few days. After lunch, they went over to gaga, and then they spent some time cleaning up their rooms and Jackmans altogether.

The Strawberry Hill girls (Timbercrest Hard Hats and The Great Cupcake War) went to boating to start off their day. Some used paddleboards, and the rest used kayaks. After boating they went to the program center for some crafts, and then played gaga until lunch. After lunch, they headed out for a hike to the Spillway and made trailmix when they got there. After the hike they headed to sports where they played volleyball and gaga until dinner.

We had a freeze lunch where we played music and every time it stopped, you had to freeze! For our all camp activity after dinner, we played an Avengers version of Ships and Sailors! We played many field games and got out all of our energy before bed.

Signed, Jupiter

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