Camp Timbercrest Wednesday Session 2

The Timbercrest at Night group ended last night with a movie and late night. This morning, they slept in to 11am this morning! Breakfast was delivered to their unit. When they came down it was lunchtime. After lunch they went to swimming, and right after swimming they went boating. many of them got on paddle boards. After boating they went over to arts and crafts where they made bracelets and perler bead crafts.


The Art of Relaxation group had a sleep in breakfast! After sleeping in, they came down for lunch. After lunch they did more lip scrubs and some arts and crafts. They got to swim on the water toys today too! After many activities, they went back up to their unit to do their cookout. They made pie-iron pizzas over a fire they started themselves.

This morning, the campers in Use Your Senses Wisely went on a hike down to the spillway after breakfast! Right before breakfast they did arts and crafts in the program center. After lunch, they had siesta and swimming. Before dinner they had unit time where they played a game where they had to guess the item they felt in the box! They had a cookout also where they made pie iron pizzas!


In Sprucewood, the girls went to archery right after breakfast. Some of them even shot for the first time ever! They did such a great job. After that, they went inside to work on their investigation boards. After lunch, the international cuisine campers made lemon hummus out of chickpeas and lemons! They headed off for their cookout where they were also making pie iron pizzas.

To view photos from this day, click the link:

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