Camp Timbercrest Tuesday Session 2

Today was so fun at Camp Timbercrest! The Timbercrest at Night group flew their own flag last night so we would all see it in the morning. It said “night crawlers” and they made it last night after their kitchen raid. This morning they had a sleep in breakfast where they got to sleep in until 10am! After breakfast in their units, they worked on some badges. They talked about destination planning, where they would want to go, and what they would want to do. After lunch and all camp swim, they played gaga for a while and then headed to the PC for some arts and crafts.


In The Art of relaxation, they went boating right after breakfast and enjoyed kayaking in the nicer part of the day. They played gaga and volleyball until lunch. After lunch, they hung out in the program center for about an hour to do friendship bracelets and perler bead art. Before dinner, they had unit time where they made lip scrub and bath salts! #SoRelaxing

The campers in the Use Your Senses Wisely program had unit time in the morning to do some art and hanging out. After unit time, they drew some pictures, and played games in the grass until lunch. After siesta and all camp swim, they went boating for a while, and by the time they were done it was dinner time!

In Who Stole The Cookies, the campers came upon a crime scene in the kitchen! They brought their detective notebooks, took some notes, and started an investigation board full of suspects. the International Cuisine girls made cookies right before lunch. All of them went on a scavenger hunt where they had to decode the clues in various forms!


Tonights dinner theme was play with your food! We didn’t actually play with our food though. We ate spaghetti and meatballs, and made towers with dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows. Whoever had the tallest tower by the end of dinner won (it was a table from sunset)! We also had a smores dessert. Our all camp activity was lip sync battles, and everyone could participate if they wanted! It was so much fun!

To view photos from today, click this link:

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