Camp Timbercrest Monday Session 2

The week at Camp Timbercrest has just started. The Timbercrest at Night slept in this morning and had breakfast in their unit. After breakfast, they went to arts and crafts to make perler bead art and friendship bracelets until lunch. They were excited to go boating, but it started raining so they came inside to do more arts and crafts. After dinner, we did all camp were we switched between basketball, volleyball, and soccer outside.


The campers in The Art of Relaxation started off their morning in archery learning how to use a bow and arrow. Then they played kickball in the sports field. It started to rain, so they came inside to do some arts and crafts. They made self-love bowls to stay positive and happy. After lunch, they continued making crafts and relaxing perfume until dinner.

The use Your Senses Wisely group did a draw what you see out your window activity first thing in the morning. They had some unit time after that, and then went to gaga before lunch. Then they played games and ice breakers to get to know each other.


The campers in Who Stole the Cookies made detective books in the morning, along with detective I.Ds. They spent some time looking at fingerprints and identifying whos is whos. Then they played gaga with the International Cuisine campers. After that, they did arts and crafts while it was raining. The international cuisine girls made recipe books and put in their favorite recipes! They did all the other activities with the Who Stole the Cookies group.

To view photos from today, click this link:

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