Camp Timbercrest Thursday Session 2

Today at Camp Timbercrest was very eventful and the weather was beautiful! We had the buffalo swim and closing campfire for all campers! Timbercrest At Night slept in through breakfast and had unit time until lunch. They did badge work where the campers planned a vacation and made a whole itinerary for the trip. After lunch and siesta, they went boating on paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes. Right before dinner, they had some arts and crafts time.


In The Art of Relaxation, the campers went to boating early in the morning after breakfast. They spent most of their time there, and just before lunch they played a few rounds of gaga. After lunch and siesta, they headed over for showers and arts and crafts. Then they went over to the basketball court to draw with chalk and enjoy the nice day.


The girls in Use Your Sense Wisely had some unit time after breakfast where they looked at braille and focused on smell. They went to arts and crafts to relax before lunch was ready. After lunch and siesta they went boating in kayaks. This was even two of the girls first time kayaking! They headed to dinner and campfire to finish off the night.


Sprucewood (Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies & International Cuisine) had their overnight last night, and they cooked breakfast over at their camp-out site. They packed up their stuff, and headed to lunch. After lunch they went on a hike down to the Spillway. Then, they hung out with the Art of Relaxation campers on the basketball court where they drew pictures with chalk. The Who Stole The Chocolate Chip Cookies campers worked on their investigation, and even came up with a plan to present their case at lunch tomorrow. They headed to arts and crafts right before dinner.


To see photos from today, click this link:

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