Camp Timbercrest Wednesday Session 1

Today at camp, the Finger Painting, Candle Making, and Glitter, Oh My girls started their day on a hike looking for nature items that they could paint with. They found a few flowers, leaves and pinecones to use. When they got back to the program center, they dipped the nature items in paint and made beautiful pictures. After lunch, they went back to their lodge for unit time, and then when it started to rain they played board games in Bellinger.


Sprucewood campers started their day with a sleep-in breakfast. After breakfast, they all did tie-dye while the Zombie Survival campers practiced fort building with the Artist In You campers. They did some rock painting with rocks they found outside the lodge. After lunch, they went over to archery for some shooting practice and came inside when it started to rain. They played board games and read books until dinnertime.


The Tent, trail, and Kayak girls had a day full of boating. They practiced their kayaking skills and canoeing skills in the gorgeous Alleghany State Park.


To see photos from today, click this link:

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