Camp Timbercrest Session 1 Thursday

This morning at Camp Timbercrest, the Finger Painting, Candle Making, and Glitter, Oh My girls made candles! They learned how to build up a candle from just a wick. They also used perler beads to make art in any form and colors they wanted! After lunch, the rain kept them inside but it didn’t keep them from having fun. They made sand candles and did some more arts and crafts.


The campers in Sprucewood went boating nice and early this morning right after breakfast. Since they know the basics of kayaking now, they could go out and have some fun. After boating, they came inside and also made some candles. This was a fun activity for all ages. They learned the basics of candle dipping. After lunch, the campers in the Great Cupcake War and Zombie Survival decorated cupcakes for everyone on camp! They decorated them to look like tombstones and flowers. They played a few board games and did some perler beading as well.


The Tent Trail and kayak group came back early this morning. When they got back they showered and took a nice siesta to gain some energy. Before dinner they played some board games and team games like gaga.


We had our closing campfire tonight. This is a great time for girls to look back on the week they had at camp and remember all the fun things that happened. We had to move it inside because of the weather, but it turned out really nicely. We awarded all of our first year campers here at camp Timbercrest with bandanas. We turned off the lights near the end, and sang slow songs.


To view photos from today, click this link:

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