Camp Timbercrest Tuesday Session 1

Starting off the day at Camp Timbercrest, the Finger Painting, Candle Making, and Glitter, Oh My group went to arts and crafts to make glitter paintings! They put glue down on the paper and sprinkled glitter to make the pictures they wanted. After picture making, they did drama games with Skeeter. After lunch, it started to rain! The girls came inside and played board and card games. Then they headed back to Jackmans Lodge to do their cook-out. They decided to make pie iron pizzas and smores for dessert.


In Sprucewood, they started off their morning by having some unit time. They Zombie Survival girls worked on making splints in case of emergency, and the Tie-Dye Extravaganza girls did some more tie-dying. They headed to boating right before lunch and got started on learning boat safety. After lunch they went inside for some friendship bracelet making while the Cupcake War camper made and decorated cupcakes for everyone to try. They were soo good! They went back up to their unit for their cook-out, and made pie iron pizzas and banana boats for dessert.


The Tent, Trail, and Kayak girls left right after breakfast today! Here’s their before picture. We’ll post the after photo when they get back on Thursday.


To see photos from today, click this link:

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