Camp Timbercrest Monday Session 1 2021

Today was super eventful at Camp Timbercrest! The girls from Finger-painting, Candle Making, Glitter, Oh My started off their morning in the program center making messy, beautiful art! They make finger paintings using every color they wanted and loved it! They headed over to gaga after that to play some intense rounds of gaga ball and lawn games like on-land marco polo. After lunch and siesta, the Jackmans girls went over to the basketball court to play with chalk and draw on the court.


The campers in Sprucewood went up to their unit to have some unit time and tie-dye. Their hands got so messy! Then they traveled down to the volleyball net to get their blood pumping early on in the day. Right before lunch they decided to do some drama activities while sitting outside enjoying the fresh air. After lunch they headed to crafts where they all made friendship bracelets. Two girls in the International Cuisine program made everyone hand made pasta, and it was delicious! They made their way to archery right before dinner.


Tent, Trail, and Kayak started off their morning with none other than boating! They learned the basics of kayaks and what it feels like to be out in the water. They went over to archery right before lunch and learned safety in shooting bow and arrows. After lunch they played a few rounds of soccer, and a few round of gaga. They ended their day by making a few smores at Jackmans Lodge. Dinner was themed as Disco dinner and we even had a dance floor! Everyone ended the day by participating in Jazzercize lead by Turtle and Sparrow.


To see photos from today, follow this link:

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