Camp Timbercrest Session 1 Monday

Today was a very eventful day here at Camp Timbercrest! The girls started arriving around 1pm, and really got to know their groups while playing games like gaga ball and volleyball. They played name games and icebreakers to start off the week really strong and friendly.

Once they were settled in their units, they got on their swim suits and went for a dip in the lake for their swim tests. Sprucewood, Jackmans Lodge, and The Yurts also made campstitutions. Campstitutions are a constitution the girls make at the beginning of week that consist of expectations and rules that they want to follow throughout their time at camp. They all sign it and we hang it up in the units!


We ended the day with our opening campfire. The staff sung the 12 days of camp, preformed skits, and introduced themselves. The girls lead fast songs to get their blood pumping! Some of their favorites included Oom Plucky Plucky and Titanic. After a few fast songs, we slowed things down with some of our favorite slow songs.

To see pictures from today, follow this link:

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