Camp Timbercrest Staff Week and Pre-Camp 2021

Camp Timbercrest started pre-camp on June 21st and we’ve been working non-stop to make camp ready to roll! These last two weeks have consisted of unpacking craft supplies, cleaning the units, training the staff, and getting to know who we’ll be working with for the summer. Along the way, we’ve had fun doing the activities that we’ll be doing with the girls throughout the weeks.


We had some goat visitors eating some of the invasive species of plants around our waterfront in the first few days of staff week. They did a great job and definitely did not go home hungry. When you come to camp, you’ll be able to see all of the work they accomplished in the days that they were here. The staff was invited to a party at Jackman’s, complete with chocolate cake, ice cream, and sparkling water. We enjoyed each others company while talking around a campfire and playing a fun game of limbo.

In the following days, we went on a staff overnight. Hiking up to Lakeview, we sang songs and made the most of the beautiful evening. We ate smores, pie iron pizzas, and vegetables, all while learning the skills of firebuilding and setting up tents. It was a great night for learning songs and enjoying the view. We even broke out some glow sticks!


There were a lot of trainings to get the staff ready, comfortable, and prepared for the best summer yet. Some of the trainings consisted of CPR, waterfront rescue, what it means to be a girl scout, and what the day to day schedule will look like. We didn’t forget about having fun during these times, and even made some French toast art at breakfast. We enjoyed our last night with a closing camp fire in Bellinger, and cannot wait for the summer to start!

To find pictures from these two weeks, follow this link:

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