Monday Session 4

Session 4 at Camp Timbercrest is full of seven different programs. All of these programs come together to form the Timbercrest family.

One of the programs, Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir, will be gone for a seven day trip along the Allegheny Reservoir. This will be an exciting experience for the girls to get off camp and to explore nature at its fullest.

The Fashionistas have returned to Camp Timbercrest for another session. After a successful program during Week 1, Fashion Lab New York has returned to Timbercrest to teach the Girl Scouts how to design their own fashion line.

My Favorite Pony and Ready to Ride will each be gaining experience at the barn. These two programs consist of helping with chores around the barn, grooming horses, and of course, horseback riding.

Be Brave & Be Bold is a program that is centered around archery. In the morning, the campers went for a hike around Keyser Lake. The girls went into the forest to find sticks to make their own bows in arts and crafts today. They also spent nearly two hours at the archery range to learn new skills.

The Firebenders have been learning how to build their own fires. They collected tinder, twigs, and sticks to get the fire started, and then added larger pieces of wood to keep the fire ablaze.

Last but not least, the Daisies and Brownies went to arts and crafts and for a nature hike before breakfast.

At the end of the day, the campers were involved in Camper’s Choice. This is an opportunity for the campers to choose their own activity to do instead of being with their units. The three options to pick from were Karaoke, British Trivia, and Frisbee.

Goodnight scouts and be sure to check the photos from today right here.

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