Tuesday Session 4

Today started as a wonderful day on Keyser Lake. After two days of the Waterfront being closed, the girls were finally able to complete their swim test under a light rain.

The rain would later go away and allow for the girls to partake in activities throughout camp.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir packed and prepared for their trip tomorrow. They also went to arts and crafts and archery after lunch.

The Fashionistas continued to work on creating their own fashion line with Fashion Lab New York. Meanwhile, Be Brave and Bold kept practicing their archery skills for a contest on Friday. They also went into the woods and built shelters to defend themselves against the elements.

My Favorite Pony and Ready to Ride each completed their barn chores. Unfortunately, the weather prevented the girls from going on horseback today.

The Daisies and Brownies went for a hike around the lake and drew with chalk on the basketball courts. In addition, the firebenders continued to build their fires.

At about 3 o’clock, a thunderstorm rolled into Camp Timbercrest. Due to the storm, everyone went inside Bellinger Lodge and played card games, board games, and went to arts and crafts.

To conclude the night, everyone had their own cookout with their units. This gives the girls a chance to learn how to build a fire and cook their own food. Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see more exciting activities the girls are doing.

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