Troop Camp 7/27/19

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that Camp Timbercrest rests. There are over 120 troop members staying with us for the weekend that have experienced Timbercrest at its fullest.

From trail rides on horseback, to nature walks; from swimming to boating; from Gaga to Archery; these troops really did experience it all.

However, these activities could not have been run without Timbercrest’s hardworking, around the clockwork. Snaps go around for all of our hard workers.

Just like Timbercrest does during the week, there was a closing campfire for the troops this evening. Per usual, campfire is when the staff and campers come together as one coherent unit. Songs are sang, laughs are heard, and life long friendships are created.

On be half of the Timbercrest staff we would like to thank all of the troops who came to visit this weekend. We look forward to seeing you again next year! Here are some photos from today.

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