Monday Session 3

This morning, campers woke up to the sound of rain on their cabents. Even though Mother Nature threatened to ruin the start of the day, the campers’ spirits prevailed.

The Cupcake Challenge, Ready to Ride, and Ready, Set, Go Camping all went swimming and boating in the morning after breakfast. Meanwhile, the Wizards went swimming for the first part of the morning and worked on making their wizarding school house banners.

After lunch, the Wizards crafted their very own wands! Then they went boating on Keyser Lake and played Gaga.

The Great Cupcake Challenge played a variety of sports in the sports field, went to the trading post to explore merchandise, and looked at what badges they can earn while they are at Timbercrest.

Ready, Set, Go Camping also went to the trading post to see what goodies there are. The group also spent time playing board and card games in the dining hall.

Ready to Ride spent their afternoon at the barn and spent time on horseback at the barn.

To conclude the night, everyone was involved with camper’s choice. The three options for camper’s choice were making fairy houses, wand dueling, and leaf painting.

Until tomorrow, Girl Scouts….and be sure to click here for photos of today’s excitement.

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