Tuesday Session 3

For the first time this week, the campers woke up to a cool morning to make it a true Polar Bear Swim at 7 am.

Ready to Ride started their morning by playing an obstacle game on horseback and groomed the horses. After lunch they went to Arts and Crafts and went for a swim.

The mini session; Ready, Set, Go Camping went boating and went tie dying at Arts and Crafts in the morning. After lunch, they played Gaga (a popular Girl Scout game that combines dodgeball and swat ball) and dressed up in the Drama Corner.

The Cupcake Challenge crew also tie dyed, played Gaga, and went swimming. They then practiced making cupcakes for their challenge on Thursday… May the best baker win!

Last but not least, the Wizards continued to make magic by working on defense techniques. After lunch, the wizards tested their magic at archery and went swimming in Lake Keyser.

To top off the day, the entire camp had their cookout. This is a special opportunity for the girls to gain experience cooking their own food over a campfire. They also learn how to build a fire on their own. Some of the delicious food that was made was cheeseburgers, pie iron pizzas, and of course s’mores.

Until tomorrow, Girl Scouts! Check out photos from today here.

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