TC: Wednesday Session 1

From the start of the day, to the end, the sun was beating down on Camp Timbercrest, but that didn’t stop the Girl Scouts from having fun.

Tent, Trail, N Kayak continued their trip in Allegany State Park and learned to kayak. The Timbercrest family cannot wait to hear about their trip when they come back.

The Fashionistas and Cupcake Challenge each sat up tents in the morning after breakfast. After they set up their tents, they went on a hike with our nature volunteer, Ro. Ro taught the Girl Scouts about different plants, animals, and important hike procedures. She left the girls with a quote by Naturalist Ned Smith. “Seeing is not merely looking, but noticing.”

The Fashionistas went back to camp and continued to work on their fashion design. Meanwhile, the Cupcake Challenge made s’mores with Ro after their hike.

Ready to Ride continued their barn chores and got more experience on how to care for a horse.

After lunch, the Girl Scouts took on a challenging swim across Keyser Lake known as the Buffalo Swim. They swam from the swimming zone to the totem pole where main campfire takes place during the week and back.

Camp Timbercrest ended the night with a Campers’ Choice. The three options tonight were karaokee, flag football, and crafted a God’s eye (yarn and twine on sticks).

Be sure to click here to view photos from today. Goodnight and we’ll be back in action tomorrow.

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