Tuesday: Session 1

After the fright from the dinosaur yesterday, Camp Timbercrest was rather relaxing.

At 9:30, we said goodbye to one of our programs, Tent, Trails, N Kayak. They departed for their trip through Allegany State Park. They will return to camp Thursday afternoon.

The Fashionistas started their morning by going boating. Then after lunch, they went back to designing their own fashion line. This time, they went outside to find some inspiration from flowers, pine-cones, and pine needles.

Ready to Ride also started their morning out on Keyser Lake. They then transitioned into playing Gaga until lunch. After lunch, they headed to the barn to get some experience on the horses, they are becoming pros quite quickly.

After breakfast, Cupcake Challenge got their blood pumping early with a couple games of Gaga. They then headed to the kitchen to go over safety procedures for making cupcakes. After lunch concluded, they baked their cupcakes and decorated them with frosting. On Thursday there will be a challenge for who can make the tastiest cupcake!!! YUMMM!!

For dinner, each unit dispersed into their own groups for cookouts!! Some of the delicious food that was made was s’macos, bacon cheeseburgers, grilled cheese pizza, and Timbercrest’s famous Zoe Cakes.

Goodnight and be sure to check out some of the photos from today here.

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