Monday Session 1: Attack of the Dinosaur

A couple early birds started their morning with the Polar Bear swim at 7 am.

Ready to Ride swam, completed their barn chores, and went boating throughout the day.

The Cupcake Challenge started their morning off with boating, headed to the showers, and got creative with Arts and Crafts.

The Fashionistas began their day by playing sports, went boating on the water, and designed their own fashion line by going through various magazines. This was led by the Fashion Lab of New York.

Tent, Trail, and Kayak began their morning at Arts and Carts, they then ended their day sports, one game in particular was Gaga, a famous Girl Scout tradition. They are anxiously waiting for their kayak trip tomorrow.

Dinner was interrupted by an unexpected visitor…….A DINOSAUR!!! That’s right, a dinosaur escaped from Jurassic Park and came to visit Camp Timbercrest. But don’t worry, all of the Girl Scouts are accounted for.

Once the dinosaur was captured, the Girl Scouts ended their day with Campers’ Choice. The Girl Scouts were able to pick from three options; dancing, sports (basketball and Gaga), and yoga.

Goodnight Scouts and we’ll be back at it tomorrow. Click here to see today’s captured memories.

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