Thursday Session 1

With a storm threatening Timbercrest today, the girls were still able to enjoy some inside activities like UNO, Clue, and extra Arts and Crafts time.

Tent, Trail, N Kayak returned from their two day trip in Allegany State Park. When we picked them up, they had the biggest smiles on their faces. Needless to say, it was a successful trip.

After lunch, TTK played Gaga and went for a swim to cool down and relax after their trip. Once they dried off they used their imagination in Arts and Crafts before dinner.

The Fashionistas started their day with Gaga and a swim in the lake. After lunch, they completed their Fashion Line with Fashion Lab New York. The Girl Scouts made pillows, shirts, and designed their own billboards.

Ready to Ride started their morning completing their barn chores and grooming the horses. After lunch they played Gaga and went back to the barn to ride the horses.

Last but not least, Cupcake Challenge finally had their bake off!! After swimming in the lake and playing Gaga, the girls ambitiously baked in the kitchen from the end of lunch until dinner.

Before dinner, the cupcakes were judged by five staff members. Everyone worked really hard, but a winner was chosen. The girls who made the watermelon-like cupcakes came in first place! Congratulations to all the girls who participated.

Per tradition, Thursday night always ends with Closing Campfire. Tonight the campfire had one last special visit from…….THE DINOSAUR!!! This time Doc got attacked! Fortunately, no girls were harmed tonight.

Closing Campfire is concluded with a beautiful candle ceremony where all the girls and staff sing a song together.

We will be saying farewell to some of our friends tomorrow. We hope to see you again this year and if not, then next year. Goodnight, and click here for photos from Thursday night.

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