Camp Timbercrest Session 2 Wednesday

Today marks two days left in the week for our campers! Today we had an all camp activity that the campers enjoyed. There was a dance party in Bellinger Lodge from 7pm to 8pm, we danced to Cotton Eye Joe, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and some Disney songs.

Aside from All Camp, a couple of groups went out on their trips today! Hatchet, Knives, and Arrows went to Buffalo Battleground for some hatchet throwing and our Secret Agent group went to Buffalo Escape Room. Both groups arrived back to camp safely and just in time for dinner.

This left the rest of camp to the reign of the CIT’s and Boots and Spurs campers. The CIT’s spent the morning training and boating then had Arts and Crafts all afternoon. While the Boots and Spurs group spent the full day at the barn, resulting in lots of learning and time with the horses!

Tomorrow is the last night that the campers spend here, minus the CIT’s who stay this weekend, and we are sad that this eventful week is coming to an end; but excited for the next adventures to come!

Signed, Skeeter

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