Camp Timbercrest Session 2 Tuesday

Today started with rain and inside activities. It ended in unit cook outs, the CIT’s helped out in the different units.

Strawberry Hill played some board games in the upstairs part of Bellinger Lodge, where we eat meals, for the morning. By the afternoon the weather cleared up and they had a fun time spending siesta with the CIT’s. Then they did some arts and crafts until it was time to start the cook out joined by two CIT’s. The unit ate foil pizzas, corn on the cob, back country cake, and s’mores.

Sprucewood started their day with a nice break after breakfast followed by a trip to the Trading Post, the camp store, right before lunch. They followed siesta with a boating session joined by the CIT’s and then archery until it was time for cook out, joined by two CIT’s . The unit ate quesadillas and zoey cakes; zoey cakes are cakes made in pie irons with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and peanut butter (or sunbutter for those with allergies in the unit).

Boots and Spurs started the day off with barn time and went back after siesta for an hour. Then they went and spent time at the waterfront until it was time for the cook out joined by two CIT’s. The unit ate Hamburgers and S’mores.

The CIT’s started their morning out with CPR and first aid training, followed by training about conflict resolution. Then they spent siesta relaxing and playing games with the campers from Strawberry Hill. After siesta they joined Sprucewood with boating, then enjoyed some arts and crafts until they joined their designated unit.

Right before the troops left, some of their campers made international flags for us to put around the dining hall.

Signed, Skeeter

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